The aim of Step into BIM (Si!BIM) project is demonstrable innovation and added value in vocational education training specifically focusing on improving digital skills and awareness with the focus on use and relevance of BIM within the construction sector. Good digital skills are paramount within a modern industry and an area which most workforces are critically lacking. The UK has already passed into the mandatory adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Government funding construction projects. Likewise Europe is progressing forward with BIM adoption continuing on from the European Union Public Procurement Directive (EUPPD) which outlined that all 28 European Member States should encourage, specify or mandate the use of BIM and other suitable digital tools for publicly funded construction and building projects in the European Union by 2016 (OJEU, 2014) however despite Government mandates the provisions on how to up-skill the industry has not yet been fully realised, hence why research such as this is critical.

This project would help employers and employees tackle the challenges in BIM digital skills training by creating an accessible learning portal which enhances the knowledge and awareness of digital skills for existing and new entrants into the industry. Innovative and modern technologies will be utilised to support digital training providing participants with greater career opportunities and improved career mobility in VET areas within the construction industry. The project will explore and evaluate key areas of innovation and best practice in digital skills in Building Information Modelling (BIM), cloud based data handling, innovations in Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) technologies and its use within VET training and utilising the 3D model and 'virtual build' in construction. Additionally efficiency improving digital tools such as 4D (time) and 5D (cost) simulation tools will be integrated into the training materials. Digital skills are currently lacking within the construction sector and action is required in the short and long term to try and prepare the current and future workforce for the evaluations the industry is facing.

By creating an easily accessible web platform to reach output training materials project not only aims to support potential and new entrants to the industry but also provide existing workforce with the opportunity to improve their lifelong learning potential enabling them greater work mobility and improving career progression.

Learning objectives of the project will evaluate key areas of innovation and best practice in digital skills and in response create training materials to help build skills and awareness in BIM. The materials will be quality tested as part of the project and disseminated through the project website and partners organizations.

The participants of the project is made up from a consortium of 6 partners from 6 differing European countries, UK (higher education institute) Germany(VET),Slovenia(Chamber of Commerce),

Belgium (VET), Spain (VET) and Lithuania(VET).
The project methodology is structured within 24 months and has 6 IO .One of the IO is the pilot workshop held in Coventry with participation of all partners' key target groups representatives. Each IO is led by one of the partners.
Each IO leader will be responsible for the implementation of the activities and the achievement of the planned outcomes, whilst adhering to deadlines and budget, providing information about the activities (structure, methods, time schedule, results to be reached) to all partners involved and assuring the quality of work and products.

The results from the testing will evaluate the learning taking place through the training material and where it can be used by the apprentice in their current or future employment. The initial impact will concentrate on the apprentices who take part in the testing process to ensure that the final material are reiteratively improved. Post testing impact and sustainability will be achieved through the final straining material being made available through the project web-site for all construction apprentices in the partner countries to use.

Target Groups

  • Apprenticeship students EFQ level 3, 4 and 5
  • Teachers and Trainers in VET and in-house trainers in construction companies
  • Currents workforce in construction industry – manual labour and lower management
  • SMSs in construction industry

Learning Objectives

  • To provide on-line accessible learning  material focusing on use and understanding of BIM 
  • To complement and aid teaching within VET systems in order to improve individual's employability and mobility